I've lived my whole life in Colorado, with my two parents and many animals. On paper, my life has been pretty conventional. I've moved once, had the same group of friends since middle school, and spent the majority of my time for the past ten years at school or on schoolwork. 

I first began to attend public school instead of homeschooling because of dyslexia that we didn't know I had. I started the tutoring program almost immediately and within a week I was reading. I was picking up on things much quicker after that and was eager to learn.

When I wasn't at school I had (and still have) a few hobbies. As far as educational hobbies, I love to learn about economics and economic systems. I also like learning and talking about different philosophies, specifically ethics. In my senior year of high school, I took an intro course to ethics on Saturday afternoons that helped pique my interest. As far as more artsy hobbies I loved doing the aerial silks and drawing, (people mostly). 

As a project for school, I began volunteering at a place within my community called Westside Cares. It is a place that helps impoverished people get back on their feet. I ended up really liking it and staying long after I needed to. I stopped when I began waitressing to save up extra money. 

Currently, I'm a Praxis Participant and Sales Support Specialist at Aegis Health Services.