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30 Non-zero Days

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Day 30!

It's day 30 of the 30 days of writing challenge. It's over! So, for my final writing, I will reflect on the last 30 days.

What did I learn this month?

1. I learned that producing something everyday is a lot easier than it seems at face-value.

2. I learned that there are consistencies in my writing errors => unintentional repetition and awkward syntax.

3. My writing improved way more than I thought it would.

What were the biggest challenges?

1. Telling a story. As all my friends know and tease me for, I'm a terrible storyteller. The way to make writing engaging is to tell a story. I either, (in writing and real life), take way to long, or tell everything in a rushed way.

2. Days that I had already done other writing and didn't feel like doing MORE writing.

3. Fixing my consistent writing errors.

How am I stronger coming out of this?

1. It pushed me to always have non-zero days, which was difficult on the aforementioned lazy days.

2. It forced me to flex my creative muscles.

3. I actually did the things I wanted to do. I finally researched the subjects that I had been pushing off.

In what ways has my writing improved?

1. I don't beat around the bush as much. I have an easier time getting to the point.

2. My grammar over all is easier to understand.

3. Storytelling. I am still by no means great, but it has improved considerably.

Why am I more employable now that I have completed this?

1. I stuck to a commitment I made. I said I would produce something everyday and I did.

2. I made the most of the challenge. I put effort into it! I was excited to write about the things I cared about.

3. I'm a better writer, and I can take criticisms on my work easily! Well, more so than before!

I really enjoyed this challenge. I don't think I'll continue it, but it made me less fearful of posting what I want to post. When I want to research something and write about it, I'll actually do it. If for no one else then for me, and maybe someone else will get value out of it. Afterall, that's what it's there for.

Thanks for reading!

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