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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Day 5 This week for Praxis, one of our tasks was to listen to a podcast. This podcast was done by James Altucher, in which he interviewed Seth Godin. The main topic was the fear that holds people back from achieving success. These are my main takeaways:

-The voice in our head is what is holding us back.

  • There are people who are held back by external barriers, but for the people that are not held back by those, it is the voice in their head telling them they can't do it.

- Once structural barriers fall away, the little voice in your head is all that's left.

-You should share what you know.

  • The fear of sharing knowledge isn't worth not sharing it.

-The narrative that we're not good enough gets amplified in our formative years by the people that are surrounding us.

  • This is because, during the industrial age, people at the top of a company's hierarchy told people they needed permission to succeed.

  • In today's society, obedience to the norm isn't what is rewarded. It's not original, it's not legendary, it's not different.

-Most kids today are raised in a permission based mindset.

- If kids were raised in the mentality of "life's an adventure" they'd be better off.

-People get stuck personally and professionally because they're afraid.

Afraid of people, bosses, failure

-Change happens when you take the blame and give away credit.

It will help build your reputation and make you less afraid.

-Get out of your comfort zone by believing that your job is exposing yourself to fear.

  • You'll naturally start doing more things that make you afraid, which will help you break out of the permission-mindset.

  • Everyone subconsciously knows their fears.

-Repetition is key.

  • Learn to dance with fear.

-It's a privilege to have opportunities. Take advantage of it.

These were the points I found to be the most important. Before listening I knew I could get in my own way. Truthfully, I think it's human instinct, a fear-based response to the unknown for self-preservation. I guess we could trace things back to the nature versus nurture argument. Things are never so black and white. It is likely a combination of both. When I notice myself in the future being pushed out of my comfort zone, I'll try to ask myself why, and if it's a valid reason. Growth at any capacity usually elicits an uncomfortable response, but it's worth it.

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