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Apprenticeship: Month 2 Update

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Compiled scribing materials and trained people how to scribe for new sites

For every procedure done on a patient, the healthcare professional will document the encounter for billing. They will put this in DropBox for us and our Scribes will take this encounter information and enter it into the EMR. I train and manage the scribes for every new site. Before, the instructions for the scribes were a little bit scattered, it wasn't clear which doctors went with which EMR, so I cleared that up and now the training materials are very easy and accessible through three main links.

Learned Ihealth app and devices

Ihealth is for at home healthcare management. Essentially, you have medical devices at your house, which you connect to your phone via bluetooth, and the data can automatically be tracked and transferred. We are thinking about using it, but have to test it out first. We ordered a few devices that I have been testing to find how user friendly they are, and the potential bugs for our clients.

Learning how Remote patient monitoring tech will integrate with the telehealth CRM platform we're using

One of the deciding factors of us using it is if it can seamlessly integrate with the telehealth CRM we're using. Many of our patients have chronic illnesses, so they will have regularly scheduled phone calls with their doctors, in a HIPAA compliant manner. The at-home devices would make it much simpler to have remote patient monitoring, but for people to actually use the devices, they have to be easier than driving to the doctors office.

Regular tasks

EMR tickets, checking in with scribes, transcribe handwritten pharmacist documentation for EMR.

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