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Apprenticeship Update

What I've been up to this week at my health care start up:

Regular tasks

EMR tickets, checking in with scribes, communicate with seller company to inform them of new updates.

Number Porting

We're switching from one call tree service to another. Some of the information got messed up, so now I'm waiting on the CSR before I continue with the process. There have been quite a few bumps in the road, but I'm hopeful things will go much smoother once we're only working out of one platform.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

I found one of the devices we were using wasn't compatible with our needs, as it had too steep of a learning curve. I began researching new devices and quickly came across one that appeared to be a much better fit. I decided to message the company and I quickly had a meeting set up where I got sent a free demo device and set up with the portal the same day. I'm excited to see how it works this week.

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