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Apprenticeship Update: October

What I've been up to this week as at Aegis Health Services:

Billing clean up

We had a huge backlog of claims, so we dedicated a day to sorting through the billing. Not the most glamorous thing, but we made good time and it had to be done.

Employee Handbook

I've been working to standardize the onboarding process, specifically training Revenue and Cycle Management people and Pharmacists. Right now I'm making the handbook in Dropbox, divided into sections for billing, clinical, HR, and software.

Setting up product demo meetings

We've been looking for a very particular kind of EMR and CRM for our practice, and it's difficult to find one that does everything we want without having to frankenstein it, so right now it's about find the right combination of software, which is my job. I've been researching, getting demos, and evaluating different systems. We're coming up on the deadline, but we've decided on at least one of two softwares.

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