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Creative Mental Clarity

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Day 4

Creative outlets are extremely helpful for me. Of course, there can be utility in gaining wisdom and achieving new skills, but creative outlets serve as a form of mental relaxation for me. Even if my day has been calm, my mind can be very loud, and figuring out what helps calm that was something I'm very grateful for.

Art has never really been a passion of mine, but not everything you enjoy has to be. Art is something I enjoy doing and looking at, just not something I want to pursue. It serves me as a little escape. No matter what I'm doing or thinking, if I start drawing my mind becomes a blank slate.

It's a skill I really like improving. I like trying different techniques and drawing from others' ideas. The last two drawings are not my concepts.

On the opposite end of clearing my mind, journaling also serves as a way to organize my thoughts by putting everything I'm thinking on paper. Recently I've been trying to draw and journal every day. I've noticed a small, but noticeable difference in my thinking patterns. It's easier for me to work out problems, my mind feels less crowded, and I've just generally had a better time dealing with things.

Of course, creative outlets will not be the same for everyone. However, if you're someone who struggles with an overactive mind, I highly encourage trying new hobbies every day as a form of self-care for mental clarity. I know it's helped me.

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