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Effort is a Two-way Street

Day 12

Today I met up with one of my oldest friends. I hadn't seen her in two years. It felt good to reconnect. Some friendships formed in school are just a result of proximity, but I think it's always worthwhile to see if somethings still there, maybe something that connected the two of you in the first place. Life had gotten in the way for a while, but we both made the time today.

This made me think of the effort we had to put into that. I imagine we have all had relationships where one person was clearly putting in more effort. Unless the person lacking effort is truly just terrible at relationships, there's usually an underlying reason. I've been on both ends of this, wanting out of a relationship, and on the other side, desperately struggling to keep something alive. Neither feel good.

It's important to make sure both people are putting in the effort into any relationship. If the relationship is being nurtured by both parties, it's likely to flourish, but if it's being held up by just one person, it's just too heavy a weight for them to bear, and eventually, it will fall.

The person putting in the effort will begin to feel like a burden on the person putting in no effort. The person not putting in effort clearly isn't happy for some reason or another.

My best advice would, as a somewhat obvious response, be communication. If you are the one trying to keep the relationship alive, tell the person you're struggling with, or let the relationship go. The same goes for the other.

Relationships require maintenance and can't be left for one person to handle. Put in the effort, or be honest.

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