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Favorite Things to do in June 2020

  • Watching vintage sewing videos and true crime documentaries while I work

These are basically the only things I watch right now, not for any particular reason. Highly recommend the sewing videos, they're very relaxing. Or if you'd like nightmares, check out an H.H. Holmes documentary.

  • Learning about philosophical logic

Recently I've really liked learning about logical fallacies. They're a very underrated thing to understand. If you've ever been talking to someone and think "ugh, you're wrong but I can't figure out why" I encourage you to learn about it.

  • Re-reading childhood books

I think it's fun to re-read books I haven't read for years with an adult perspective. It's nostalgic but I will have a completely different experience while reading it.

  • Drawing line art

I love to draw, but it's also been a great stress-reliever. I just doodle for about 20 minutes whenever I get anxious. (My notebook is almost full).

  • Revamping notes

I love taking old notes on interesting topics and making them pretty. I think it's a fun activity. Bullet-journals have been a recent inspiration.

I wish I could blame COVID-19 for these hobbies but I'd be doing this anyway with the addition of going out more.

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