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Five Traits

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Four months after graduation, I still live at home, and I intend to stay at home until I am placed with a startup company around February of 2020. So far I have small professional and social circles, but I run in my social circles most frequently. The people I spend the most time around are my mom, my dad, and my friends Thea, Skyla, and Braydon. I expect when I move to another city my social circles will broaden, along with my professional ones.

I don’t believe we are just a product of all the people we hang around, but they undeniably have influence. It’s hard to categorize people into one trait, but I’ll do so how I believe someone who just met them would see them. My mom's most pronounced trait is her aspirations. She aspires to be happier, healthier, more fulfilled, and has the ambition to get there. My dad is uniquely himself, with his most prominent trait being independence. He seeks his own approval and tries to escape others’ jurisdictions. Thea's distinctive trait is that she is earnest. When she sets her mind to something she gets it done. Skyla is the classic idealist, living as a dreamer and seeing the best in everybody. Lastly, Braydon is reflective, pondering new or abstract ideas.

The traits I would like to improve upon are:


Friends might wait around for you to reveal your true colors, but in a professional setting, first impressions are worth much more, and it’s worth the effort to make good ones. Being on the more introverted side, it’s harder for me to “wow” people when I initially meet them. I want my confidence in what I do to be so high it can’t help but show through and impress people when I first meet them. My mother and Thea are the most extroverted people I spend my time with. Their openness to others and drive to achieve doesn’t alone lead to the charisma I’m seeking to emulate, but helps me well on my way to get there.


This isn’t something I would say I struggle with, but would love to improve. I want to be able to think freely and independently. My dad’s independent mindset helps cultivate this way of thinking with his defiance of established beliefs. Braydon helps with this in his introspection on tradition. They both help me to think rationally and critically of new ideas. I frequently do both these things, but never want to allow myself to fall into a routine of worn-out ideas.


When I was little, this was something I was fairly good at, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s a trait I aspire to have. When I was younger I could easily think of creative inventions, but as I get older my imagination is harder to access. This is something I can learn from all the people I spend time with, depending on when and where. I can be creative in smaller ways, but I wish to take that to a larger scale, which is much more likely to develop with the more exposure I get to new ideas, people, and things.


This is something I will always strive to improve upon. I want to be generous and a good person to be around. Skyla’s idealism and seeing the best in people leads me to think more compassionately of situations and people. Kindness and charisma feed into each other, and they are things that are valuable to have. I tend to be more of a thinker than a feeler, but my friends keep me in check with their irrefutable graciousness.


This trait is one that keeps you grounded. What’s realistic? What’s needed? Maybe you’re thinking outside of the box but you can still see the box. I like to be able to see the bigger picture and not get too wrapped up in the details. Thea helps me to do this with her realistic drive to get things done. She’s detail-oriented and has compassion, but doesn’t let that cloud her view of what matters.

I definitely identify with the people I spend my time around. As I get older, I realize my time is worth what I put into it, and that I want that time to be spent with people and things that will benefit myself and others, not wasted. I love the people I spend my time around, and overall think they have a positive influence on me.

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