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Floating Home: Week 2 on Location

I've been pretty bad at these job updates, but I'll do my best to keep you up to date.

What I've been up to professionally:

  • Making a call tree.

I've learned two different softwares because none of us liked the first one. I've made the recordings for the company and I'm about halfway through

  • Daily updates

I go through the EMR and make sure and make sure patient information is consistent with our information.

I check our inbox and update any new inquiries.

  • Managing Scribes

Part of our process is taking pharmacist notes and transferring them into an EMR. I learned these processes and now I manage the scribes that do it and help them resolve any issues they might run into.

I'll spot check to make sure they are inputting things correctly, send screenshots, make instructional videos, and answer questions.

  • Learning how to pitch the company

I've been learning more ops related things in my first week. Now I'm helping look over our videos that pitch the company, and giving input on what could make them clearer. After that I'll learn how to pitch the company to prospects.

What I've been up to personally:

Over the past couple of weeks I've just been getting by, meeting expectations. This Thursday I will have been in a new state for two weeks. The move has exasperated my struggles with mental health. I only really left my apartment the bare minimum required, and hermitted the rest of the day. I wasn't using my house as a sanctuary though. It doesn't feel like home. For the past couple of weeks I've felt like I'm floating, which makes it hard to gain traction.

No matter where I'm staying, it won't make itself feel like home. That's something I have to take the initiative to do. The only way I'll feel comfortable is through familiarity.

Nearing the end of the week, I went to several little restaurants, the movies, the gym, the pool. I'm not going to feel trapped where I live. I know the best way for me to feel at home is to have people I love around me. To get there, I need to take the first step of getting out of my apartment. So each week I'm going to go somewhere I want to go. I think this will be beneficial in multiple areas of my health. Mental, physical, and social. I think that will only serve me in feeling anchored.

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