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Hobbies Will Save You

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Day 16

Growth and success can sometimes be hard to gauge. Maybe you've grown a lot in your career over the past five years. It feels good looking back, but it has prolonged gratification. When you're in the process of growing or obtaining success, it's easy to feel stuck.

The gratification of larger successes are most definitely going to feel best in the long run, but sometimes it's nice to have little "pump me up" success.

I've found that learning a new skill or forming a hobby is a really good way to feel productive and successful if you're feeling stuck in the growth process.

Recently I've been learning knife tricks. This isn't something that's going to benefit my career, but it's a way out of the cyclical mindset and a reminder that success can be obtained, and when it is, it feels good.

If you're feeling tied up even though you know you're being productive, try to pick up a new skill or hobby. Finishing a book, crafting, woodworking, etc. It could be anything. It might work wonders!

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