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If you give a Purveyor a Pie...

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Okay, I might be reaching a little with the title. In this post, I'm going to focus on what would make someone successful in a marketing role. The three areas I will be focusing on are understanding, routine, and personality.

Understanding: Understanding the role is one of the key aspects. If you think marketing is all creating, you are in for a rude awakening. In "The Differences Between Marketing and Advertising" by Laura Lake, she compares marketing to a pie. Advertising is the most obvious piece of the pie, but just a piece none the less. The other pieces are research, public relations, media planning, sales strategy, and customer support. The pie of marketing is made of many parts that can't be narrowed down to just one piece. They are all integral to each other.

Routine: This may vary from role to role, but it is important to have a routine or plan set. Because there are so many aspects of this role, it is important to have an action plan to complete everything you need to do for your company's goals. Of course, plans can change if one of your ads is tanking, or something unplanned comes up, but having an idea of how to tackle all your tasks is hugely important.

Personality: Marketers are go-getters who are observant, curious, and not afraid of failure. You have to be able to put yourself out there, make predictions, and actually see things through. In doing so, trying so many new ideas, you're bound to fail, resiliency is key. You don't get bummed out, you think "how can I make this work?" You are someone who can put ideas into action.

If you understand what marketing is, can accomplish all the tasks it entails, and you are someone who likes to put ideas into action, and relentlessly motivated to get things done right, marketing might be for you.


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