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Learning Zapier and Hootsuite


What is Zapier?

Saves time by sending information from app to app automatically. It does the work for you. Zapier is the middleman of communication of apps. The apps talk to each other through "zaps". Zapier tells the apps how and when they should pass data to each other.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite will take the information you give it and post it onto whichever platforms you select, now or at a scheduled time.

Failing my way through Zapier:

And this is promptly where I already started messing up.

I was thinking of Zapier converting the information you gave it into a different medium, like a copy and paste. For example, taking a spreadsheet in Excel and having it transfer to Google Docs in the table format. THIS ISN'T WHAT IT'S FOR. It does transfer the data, but it's not a copy and paste tool.

So I tried using the spreadsheet to docs apps with Zapier, then got annoyed when the data was ugly, even though it was the data I entered. The tool obviously isn't going to work properly if you don't use it properly. It was like I was getting angry at a wrench for not doing the job of a hammer. Tragic.



Today! Today I used apps and data that would be more appropriate. I knew how to use Zapier technically, just not effectively. I decided to use Zapier as the middle man between Wix, the platform I use for my website, and Hootsuite.


First I implemented an RSS button onto my website. The purpose of the RSS button is to provide a data format for all blog posts. It's a URL in XML format.


I used the URL in Zapier. Zapier checks that data for any new blog posts that come up. For any new blog posts, it takes that information and forwards it to Hootsuite.

This is the data I put in. So when it moves, it will just be the title and link that will direct the user back to my website. Once I was finished filling in all the information I turned on my zap and went over to Hootsuite.


I went over to Hootsuite, selected what social media I wanted it published to and BAM!

It shows it posted a few minutes before it actually does. Like I said before you can schedule a post time ahead, but there was really no need for me to do that since this was just for the purpose of me learning.

Conclusion: These are both helpful time saving and planning tools. I have not learned my lesson, I will definitely fail my way through future tech tools because that's how I learn.

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