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Mid-July Turn Around

Since saying I would start daily blogging, I've been terrible at daily blogging. So I'll change that to a weekly minimum with the goal of doing more. Since my last post, quite a few things have happened.

June 30th: I got a job offer as a Sales Support Specialist.

July 2nd: I accepted the offer.

July 3rd-Now: Intense roommate hunting.

July 10th: Flew home from out of state. The airline lost my bag. Entered 24 hour state of panic.

July 11th: They found my bag. Intense relief and newfound appreciation for my computer.

July 13th: First day of onboarding.

Today: It's been a week since my first day! Week one has been pretty relaxed. My job is in the world of health care, so this week I learned a lot about health regulations, (so fun), and doing little data entry projects.

The most frustrating project I had also turned out to be the most fun. My co-worker and I weren't able to access the data we needed and spent quite a while problem-solving to finally come up with a solution. In the end we made everything work and had a really good conversation. There's probably a life lesson in there somewhere of bad situations turning around.

I suspect this week will be a bit more full but pretty similar to my last. Until then!

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