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My 12 Favorite Problems

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

These are the 12 questions that interest me right now.

1. How can I adapt systems I already know to work best for me?

2. How can I start using more value-based language in real life?

3. How do I stay motivated?

4. How do I quickly and efficiently build charisma?

5. How can I network effectively?

6. What are the best exercises for memory retention?

7. How to stand out when I'm applying to a job with a resume?

8. What are the best ways to stand out at a minimum wage job?

9. How can I become more approachable?

10. What are the best tips for an effective elevator pitch?

11. Is there any way to almost completely satisfy the yearnings octopus?

12. What goals should I prioritize at this point in my career?

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