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My Portfolio Project (First draft)

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

What is the Portfolio Project?

For the Apprenticeship program I am doing (Praxis), the month of December is dedicated to a portfolio project of our choosing. The project is a way for us to grow in our chosen role by doing a dynamic project that will showcase our skills and what we have learned. I have chosen to do an operations centric project with a local non-profit business called Westside Cares. My project will be two or more proposals on how to improve the tracking of in kind donations.

What my project is:

Two or more proposals for a non-profit charity, Westside Cares, in my community on how to improve their system for tracking donations, and make it more efficient.

By the end of the month:

I will have a completed proposal

Learned and used Trello for project management

At least one interview with someone who knows the steps to expanding a business

Hard and soft skills:


Tracking systems

Software- Trello

How to write a proposal


I will be learning and using Trello for project management

Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1: Find all the problems I want to address in the proposal, learn the basics of Wrike

Week 2: Interview and research

Week 3: Rough draft of everything

Week 4: Polish and ship everything

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