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Nixon Eats Grapes

Day 28

This saying, "Nixon Eats Grapes" quickly became one of my favorite parts of the Workers Rights Movement of the 60s. The backstory is not nearly as funny as the saying.

Cesar Chavez became the face of the Delano Grape Boycott, as he succeeded at what other's of the past had not, he formed a labor union for farm workers.

Agricultural laborers were subject to brutal working conditions. Workers and students alike began to start picketing outside local stores simply asking the store goers to forgo their purchase of grapes to show support of workers.

Cesar Chavez stayed true to his non-violent stance, and drew his motivation from the unjust treatment he endured throughout his lifetime. The cause was noble, and appealed to many Americans. It was a way for them to do one small act that would make history.

The movement triumphantly peaked when 17 million Americans boycotted grapes. The grape producers panicked as the movement picked up wind. They effortlessly tried to get the populace back on their side with pins that said things such as "Nixon Eats Grapes", but to no avail. I personally thought that was hilarious, and it has become a joke between me and my friends.

The movement struck success when Coachella Valley Grapes agreed to a demand of pay raise. Once a producer agreed to the terms of the workers, a black eagle was put on the product to signal to consumers that the product was okay to buy.

Chavez became a symbol of empowerment. Workers and consumers realized the power they had to make a change, and that's how his legacy lives on.


This post is part of a copywriting challenge from Praxis. We were supposed to take a piece of writing, and rewrite it in our voice, taking us a step closer to finding our own voice as a writer.

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