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Operations at a Start-Up Medical Group: November Update

A large portion of this week was putting out fires.

Tracking patient encounter documentation is very important for billing. You need it to make sure all claims filed are real and accurate. You track these encounters through the EMR. We've been working to automate the postings to the EMR.

We realized there was and incorrect automation processes made a couple weeks ago, and we had to track down these erroneous encounters to correct before they got billed.

I had to find how to identify these encounters in the EMR and make instructions for others to identify them.

Luckily we have them identified, and there is a course of action for next steps.

This is stressful because if this error wasn't fixed A LOT of people would take significant heat. This was the most stressful week so far in my months of working here.

Part of what I love about working at a start-up are the meaningful contributions I make, but this also carries heavy responsibility.

While the issues weren't a direct result of an error I've made, I'm the manager of the manual part of the scribing process. I need to be accountable to the process. Diffused responsibility is enticing, but only in the short-term. If I sit for more than a second in the discomfort of accountability, I can grow exponentially.

I'm thankful the issue got resolved quickly, don't get me wrong, but as luck would have it, I'm a kinesthetic learner. Whenever I learn the proper way of doing something, my follow-up question is always "what happens if I don't do it this way?" Now I know.

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