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Past Work Experience

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I have previously worked as a waitress at a restaurant called Oka Ramen. I first began the job as a food runner, but if the restaurant was busier than expected I would pick up the role as a server, which quickly became my primary role.

I ran my own and others' food, cleaned the restaurant, filled sauces, organized papers, and serving apparatus, handled money, seated and served people, logged orders and tables in our restaurant's software, and just general customer service.

I became more valuable as I learned to do things before being asked, (taking out the trash, sweeping the floor, etc.) and just general improvement of my tasks by exposure. My boss was hesitant at first to have me do more than just run food, but I quickly proved that I was capable of handling more responsibility.

I proved to be a very reliable addition to the company's team. I would always be there when scheduled and communicated immediately if I was unavailable. When at work, I would have a professional attitude, leaving personal things at the door. In addition to my tasks, I would reorganize things to improve efficiency and run the occasional errand for my boss after my shift.

While a waitressing role isn’t incredibly difficult in practice, it breeds an impressive amount of patience. For instance, I dreaded serving big tables as the customers would talk over each other and forget to tell the server what they wanted, instead just telling each other. I worked to create a system to figure out the best way of taking the order, and being patient with the tables as they figured it out. The system would entail me always going to one side of the table, patiently waiting for people to decide what they want, ask them if they needed more time, write the food order next to the drink order so I could easily see who got what, ensuring that there was no issue if the bill was going to be split.

I am more employable because of this because it helped me learn what to do in high-pressure situations, (like being the only server in a full restaurant), improved my customer service skills, made me a more patient person, and it helped me work efficiently and with stability.

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