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Portfolio Project Recap: Donation Tracking

What is the Portfolio Project?

For the Apprenticeship program I am doing (Praxis), the month of December is dedicated to a portfolio project of our choosing. The project is a way for us to grow in our chosen role by doing a dynamic project that will showcase our skills and what we have learned. I have chosen to do an operations centric project with a local non-profit business called Westside Cares. My project is now one proposal on how to improve the tracking of in kind donations.

What I did:

I created a donation tracking system from scratch for a non-profit in less than a month. I created the system through Google forms and managed my project through Trello.

Tools I used:

Trello and Google forms


Westside Cares is an organization I love greatly. For the portfolio project, I wanted to help them in any way I could. The CEO said they had no way of tracking in kind donations and that was an available task if I was up to it.

I brainstormed a lot of ideas. On perfect solution usually meant something else would be messed up. Practicality and efficiency were the main things to strive for. Eventually I landed on something that stuck. A logging system for donations. This entailed logging every item. A perfect way to track but far too time consuming. I took a more generalized approach to the concept. First going from a paper tally system, to an online tracking tally system, to my final proposal.

Final Proposal

Vlog Updates:

Links to past blog posts:

Trello learning process:

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