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Portfolio Project Week 3: Discouraged to Successful

What is the Portfolio Project?

For the Apprenticeship program I am doing (Praxis), the month of December is dedicated to a portfolio project of our choosing. The project is a way for us to grow in our chosen role by doing a dynamic project that will showcase our skills and what we have learned. I have chosen to do an operations centric project with a local non-profit business called Westside Cares. My project will be two or more proposals on how to improve the tracking of in kind donations.

I finished my first proposal!

With the second half of my week I went to several places to see how they assigned value to things. When that didn't work, I researched it. I definitely should've done that first. In the end I still made a finished first proposal!

Run down of the week:

Going out to find how donations are assigned value

  • Went to the ARC, Goodwill, and a used book shop

  • guesswork + condition = price

  • Goodwill: cut original price in a tenth

  • ARC has people as the pricers

  • I am discouraged

  • Research: Is there a general pricing chart non-profits go by? YES.

  • Fair market value: price agreed upon by buyer and seller.

So after emailing with a worker from Westside Cares I came to two conclusions: I need to make the form way less time consuming, and assigning value isn't arbitrary if you go by fair market value. Should I have researched this much earlier? Yes, but you live you learn.

Walkthrough of my first proposal

Tech used: Google forms, Google spreadsheet, Google document

First Proposal Summary:

I finished my first proposal! It is two things: a google form that tracks and saves information and a pricing chart. The form is very simple and can be edited by the volunteers of Westside Cares at any given time. Everyone has access to the data. The person calculating the value of the items would have the pricing chart document that could be kept online or printed out. I used Goodwills pricing chart that is accessible online as the foundation of my pricing chart. They use the fair market value to calculate the value of their items, so we know they are not arbitrary numbers.

With the rest of my day I'm going to brainstorm ideas for my next proposal. Thanks for reading!

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