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Portfolio Project: Week 3 Outlook

What is the Portfolio Project?

For the Apprenticeship program I am doing (Praxis), the month of December is dedicated to a portfolio project of our choosing. The project is a way for us to grow in our chosen role by doing a dynamic project that will showcase our skills and what we have learned. I have chosen to do an operations centric project with a local non-profit business called Westside Cares. My project will be two or more proposals on how to improve the tracking of in kind donations.

It's week three! Biggest issue right now: time. I believe my first proposal would work, but considering the amount of time it would take to use, it is just not realistic.

Week Three Outlook

  • CEO out of town

  • Going to create the tally system and hope for the best

  • Create outline of my next proposal

Tally System First Draft

  • Learned Google Forms

  • Took about 45 minutes

  • Simple but time consuming

Email to Westside Cares Worker

Reflection on Tally System Right Now

  • I solved the paper work issue

  • Haven't yet solved time issue

(I misspoke in the video. I sent the proposal to Deb, not Kristy, see email above)

Today I am going to dive further into my Trello learning while I wait for a response to the email. The response will dictate how I delegate my time this week.

In the case that I don't get a response within 24 hours, I will put some time into tweaking my original proposal, but since I'm not happy with the concept, I will spend most of my energy in coming up with a new one.

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