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Potential Partners for Conscious Capitalism

Video summary of what I did and why I chose these companies for Conscious Capitalism:

A lot of the work has been done for us already to find leads:

I chose companies I found to have a higher purpose that aligns with our values.

I would continue to do original research into the companies that are most likely to donate to our cause. From these lists, I've created a list of companies to initially target:

Sprouts (Grocer)

Why there's a good fit:

They have a program to give Non-profits 5% off their purchases

Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation was founded in 2015 to drive lasting change in the health of our communities

Similar to our #1 donor, Whole Foods! - Executive Director, Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation

Kroger (Grocer)

Why there's a good fit:

In 2008, the Kroger Foundation awarded $6.5 million to nonprofit organizations.

Similar to our #1 donor, Whole Foods!

Audible (Learning / education)

Why there's a good fit:

Fellow subsidiary of Amazon (like Whole Foods)

Promotes self-education and learning

They don't have a public donation program, but it'd be worth reaching out! - Director of Community Affairs

Aflac (Insurance)

Why there's a good fit:

Won multiple awards for humanitarian business practices

$136,000,000+ given away in donations

Costco (Wholesale)

Why there's a good fit:

Donation program allows education and human services requests

Additional Research

While researching for this value prop, I discovered a service that serves as a directory of non-profits. 26 million searches done per year!

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