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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Progress of Knowledge

During my weekly Praxis meeting, one of my classmates shared what had been going on with their job. They had accidentally been under communicating with their team, and I realized I had been doing the same thing.

I had been doing this for two reasons:

  1. I didn't want to be annoying with constant updates

  2. I assumed people knew what I was up to

To both of my concerns I have a response:

  • There's a tactful way to give relevant updates. Understand what kind of communication your team members expect. Don't send rapid fire emails, but sending an email that you've finished a project, or that you need to know key information before you continue something is different. It's much better to get a "shut up!" message than an "oh my god what were you thinking??" message.

  • I would do my projects, and upload them, and if people asked me I would tell them, but a lot of times I wouldn't proactively communicate milestones or completion. Working out loud can be powerful tool to show your abilities but also your limitations. Mistakes can be found early on, where fixing them will feel like you're learning something valuable, not just correcting an error.

My main takeaways from this week:

  • Be proactive with communication, it will help you understand people's expectations

  • Nobody on your team expects you not to mess up, it's how you recover and grow from it that matters.

Tangible Progress

Making training workflows for pharmacists

  • This is for the RPM systems I've been learning and researching.

  • I make relevant workflows and make educational videos and one-pagers that nurses and patients will be responsive to.

SMS and RPM Implementation

I'm the main researcher for RPM and SMS systems. Every RPM marketer presents their product as the one RPM solution. These softwares can be very good, but in an industry as heavily saturated as the medical industry, it's nearly impossible to have one solution for your problem.

What I've found is most helpful is to skip over the marketing fluff. I skip straight the product use case, FAQ, and chatbot. If there isn't a direct answer to my yes or no question, the chances that it will work out are slim.

We're testing multiple different combinations of things to see which frankenstein looks most passable for a human, then we go from there. We're about 2/3 of the way through choosing systems.

MTM encounter reformatting

  • MTMs require very specific formatting, even down to the spacing. Right now pharmacists are inputting information into a CSV format and we are in the process of automating it.

  • While the automation is being built out I've trained a scribe how to fill out the MTMs with the correct information.

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