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Scarcity of Knowledge

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I love sharing knowledge. I love giving new perspectives to things and helping people in ways they didn't know they could be improved. This is easy for me to do with close friends. The main wall I run into personally is the scarcity mindset. I feel like my knowledge is scarce and I must protect it. Once people know it, it won't be valuable anymore. Au contraire. This is true only for advice that serves to manipulate the situation and others. A great example would be pick-up artistry. It works on the vulnerable. After the knowledge is widespread, people can spot your bullshit from 50 miles away. This advice or "knowledge" was never valuable to begin with. My goal is to share knowledge that empowers people and play to their strengths in specific situations. When writing my job hunt post, I included information I found significantly valuable. I was excited to share what I had learned through personal experience, but worried "What if everyone adopted this?" 1. That will never happen. 2. Sure, you won't stand out in format if everyone does it. However, if the only thing that makes you stand out is the format of your job application, you have bigger issues. 3. The advice is meant to help people as individuals and with their individual strengths. If everyone adopted it would be beneficial and unique to the particular individual. Everyone would still benefit because everyone is different.

Knowledge hoarding is an urge I still have to fight. I like to keep two things in mind every time I'm tempted: 1. Remember how good it actually feels to help people. 2. If the knowledge is made worthless by the acquisition of it, was it ever valuable in the first place?

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