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The Golden Ratio of Sales

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Who sales won't work for:

Sales is a career path with many different options. In turn, it can work for many different types of people. It is stereotyped to only work for the charismatic extroverted types. Sales can indeed work for them, however, it can also work for the more reserved introvert. The type of person sales doesn't work for is someone who is so introverted they don't like being around people or someone who can't handle rejection.

Who it will work for:

Sales is a good career choice for someone who really believes in a product and thinks it can benefit someone's life. It is best suited for someone who likes doing research, building and maintaining relationships, and can handle rejection.

Mindset for success:

It helps if you're someones who is charismatic, that other people like to be around and are comfortable around. You will be successful if you have an others-focused mindset. Your goal isn't to pander to people, it's to aid them in some way. You know the product you sell is worth what the person is paying for it. You want to help this other person improve their life, and you know your product is the best way to do that.

The 1:1

Sales has the same return rate at that which you put into it. If you are willing to work super hard putting a lot of hours in, it will show in your paycheck, and vice versa. The more dedicated you are, the more money you get. If you are someone who is super motivated to get stuff done, this is a good choice. If the effort shows that you exceed at your quotas, you'll get a promotion much quicker than with the other choices. The effort truly shows.

Self improvement = money:

Related to the one-to-one ratio, this also shows effort. Your sales will be directly impacted by your personal development. At the end of the say, you are selling you. The prospect has to like you and believe in what you are saying. The better you become, the better your attitude will be, and thus your sales. If you are constantly trying and putting effort into being the best version of you, this will show in your sales. If you invest in yourself, it will pay off.


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