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The Sneaky Nature of the Victim Mentality

Victim Mentality has been a buzz word for a while now. I'm sure we've all heard of the damaging nature of considering yourself to be victim. I certainly was a proponent of not adopting the mentality. One of my major pet peeves was the entitlement that went along with it.

I thought I had truly been able to avoid it, but it's nature is enticing and I didn't completely understand it. I found people being entitled to other people or things to be repulsive, and had done my best not to do so, but that is positive entitlement. Victim mentality runs deeper.

In this video, Peterson mentions lack of responsibility, or making up excuses, is a way of maintaining victimhood. When you do this it's a way of thinking that someone else owes it to you. I hadn't made the connection of this also being a state of victimhood, but it's completely accurate, otherwise how is one's lack of effort and responsibility justified if they aspire to be better and have a meaningful life?

No one and NOTHING owes you anything. You won't be pushed to where you want to be in life because you think that people or the world owes you something. Responsibility is proportional to meaning in your life.

IF you truly believe that, you will never make excuses again. You will earn all these things through virtue and the responsibility that comes with that.

I think this is helpful to keep in mind the next time I push something off.

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