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Time Reflects Your Priorities pt.1

What are your top three goals/priorities? How much time are you spending on them every day? How you spend your time will reflect if something is really a priority to you. This applies to anything and everything.

Say you're married and have a family. You tell your family that they are your top priority, but you spend 8 hours a day at work, and when you have any free time you just watch tv. While you can't give up work for your family because that's how you support them, the majority of time you spend outside of work should be dedicated to them if they are really your top priority like you said.

This can be tricky because you might truly believe that they are your top priority because you love them and care about them more than anything, but as it's been said a million times, actions speak louder than words.

Understanding how you spend your time is a remarkably simple and useful way to change your habits and understand yourself.

Back in January I was working a full-time job as an Assembler at the dry-cleaners. This job was supposed to give me a little extra money while the rest of my time was meant to be spent job hunting. But that's not how I spent my time. Regardless of how I thought finding a new job was my top priority, I spent my time as if the dry-cleaners was my top priority. Yes, I would spend an hour or so a day looking for a new job, but is that enough time to consider it my #1 priority? Obviously not.

This pattern set me back months. There were internal issues that made me defer my job to a lower priority, but regardless of the reasons, it kept happening. I was on the hunt for six months because of this, and only in the last month did things start clicking for me.

In the last month I didn't have another job, the hunt became my job. I spent about five hours a day doing this. And within that month I got a job, and a couple other offers. I could whine and say it wasn't fair, but if I wasn't putting in the effort for the jobs I was applying to, why would anyone care?

I had said that I wanted to find a job over the past six months, but if an inconvenience came up I was more than happy to let it keep me off track for a couple days. Once I had that REAL goal, inconveniences didn't stop me because I wasn't so aimless anymore. My goal was so much clearer once it became real and I justified everything to myself.

If you have a goal that's not being met and you don't know why, make sure you can justify yourself considering it a top priority. If you can't, reassess the situation. Are you spending your time working towards that goal? Is this what you really want? If it is, you'll change your habits to reflect that. If not, your goal will never be met.

Link to part two.

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