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What is Marketing?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Marketing one way in which to get a business noticed. No one will buy the product if they don't know it exists. The ultimate goal is to bring in revenue.

Marketing is not just about creating cool ads and that's it. Advertising is a small part of a bigger idea. Marketing involves planning, analytics, predictions, and a process. Every element works towards the ultimate goal of selling a product or service.

People tend to underestimate marketing as easier than it is because it just involves a creative way of promoting a product, but again, it's just one intricacy. Marketers have to know their targeted audience, know where to promote, why their methods succeeded or failed, and make changes based on the information collected.

Marketers have to keep track of all the information they gather and use it to further their ultimate goal. The marketing examples you'll tend to see will be targeted toward you, repetitive, and generally, on the social media platforms you use.

Marketing is a more roundabout way of getting one's business noticed. If the targeted audience for the company would most likely respond better to an impersonal advertisement opposed to an in-person meeting, then that's the best action plan for that company to pursue.


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