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What is Operations?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Operations is the internal mechanisms of a business. Operations manages logistics, forever working to optimize how a company functions. Operations can vary widely company to company because it's a role that focuses on how to make that specific company work.

A person in operations is someone who doesn't fit into the other role types of sales, marketing, or tech. They are someone who picks up what those roles don't do. They want to do anything and everything to help the business succeed. It's a role that has a large reach. An operations person works as a right-hand man to the CEO. This role, unlike the others, isn't specialized. For general tasks the CEO needs done, they don't need a specialized person. They need someone willing to stick their neck out for the company, someone well adept at technology, and one who understands business.

The operations role helps a business get better at what it does. It helps different branches of the company seamlessly flow into each other. Operations undergoes constant change and the role is never stagnant.

The operations generalist can be like a mini-CEO, doing all the tasks other people haven't been hired for. They help optimize every aspect of a business. A person in an operations role is willing to do grunt work and is never too good to do mundane things for the good of the company. The operations role is good for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, who doesn't have a specific role in mind.


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