Project Purple

Project Purple is an organization that works to fund research on pancreatic cancer and financially support individuals who have been afflicted. The main way of going about this is though running with an entry fee. The organization has raised over $1 million that is to be put towards the cure and research of pancreatic cancer. In 2015 I participated in a run, as well as raising over $70.

Personal Project 

The personal project was a six month self-directed for my school in 2016. It was a self-chosen project in which I had to pick a goal, plan out how I would achieve said goal, and document the process. I chose to create three 2.5 minute long Ariel silks routines, perform, and film them. I documented my process in a hand-written journal and put the routines on a flash drive. This project helped me polish my organizational and time management skills.

30 Day Blogging Challenge


While writing this I am currently in module 3 of Praxis. This month we were challenged to do a blog post every day this month. There are no prompts, Every day we just have to produce something on our blog. Every week we have to submit one post to an online publication.