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My Portfolio Project

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

What is the Portfolio Project?

I'm working with a local non-profit business called Westside Cares. My project will be two or more proposals on how to improve the tracking of in-kind donations.

After meeting with the CEO of Westside Cares yesterday, I have hammered out the details of my project.

My Project

The problem is that the donations made are not tracked accurately. It is frowned upon for Westside Cares to write the dollar amount, so later on the person moving the donations has to guess what their value is worth. It's important for them to track how much these donations are worth for financial records and to qualify for grants.

My project will be maximizing efficiency in how they track in-kind donations through a couple of proposals.

Changes from my original proposal

The main aspect of my project is tracking donations, but upon mentioning my ideas, a couple of ideas arose. Some of my ideas would be more taxing on volunteers who already have a lot on their plate, so for those ideas, I would also propose ideas for making the resource room more efficient in all aspects.

Notes from my meeting with Kristy Milligan

Why did I choose this?

Volunteering at Westside Cares was the strongest sense of community I had ever felt. Even after stopping volunteering I loved their efforts and wanted to be involved in other ways. I think their mission is noble and genuine compassion and efforts are worthy of extra effort. If I could grow more in a field I'm curious about through a business I care about, it's a win-win! There's no better way to show your support for something than by dedicating your time and energy to it.


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